Paint and Perhaps Repurpose Under-used Furniture

Do you have some older pieces of furniture that are still in good condition, but just have lost their luster in your eyes? Think about painting them and perhaps even finding a new purpose for the pieces Olde Century Colors paint can help you add great color to accent any decor. And don’t forget how cost effective painting is!

This blue antique is now a bedside table. Some blue paint and new hardware and all of a sudden, that lesser attractive chest is now stunning.

You just might have a piece of furniture that could paint and repurpose into a new powder bath vanity. Take some time to go shopping in your Mother’s attic or basement and you may find just the right piece for your bath.

Did you inherit the French Provencal style dresser from your childhood and can’t decide what to do with it? Why paint it, of course! And don’t be afraid to go with a bold color to jazz it up.

ā€œIf all your pieces in a room match, try painting one of the pieces in a vivid color. Mixing wood and painted finishes is a current trend, as is mismatched dining room chairs.ā€ — Lorraine G. Vale

For more information Olde Century Colors paint, visit our website: If you have questions, send us an email:

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