Painted Hutch . . . After

You’ll just have to take our word for it that this hutch looks better AFTER it was painted.

We liked the two colors of paint.  The red could be one of Olde Century Colors reds:  Confederate Red, Holly Berry Red, Olde Clay Red, Country Red or Barn Red.  The white could be:  Manor House White, Moravian White, Candlelite or Olde Farm White.  If red is not your color, choose a great blue, green or even black  —  the white accents will work with all of them.

To soften the colors and to give the piece some “age”, use Briwax Light Brown.  Allow Briwax to gather in the carvings and crevasses for great shadows.

Some simple steps to follow:  1.  Allow the paint to cure.  2.  Always have some test boards so that can experiment with your finishing techniques.  3.  Use Briwax sparingly – that means that you use just a little.  4.  After one application of Briwax, if you would like a higher sheen, add a second or third application.   5.  Always buff between applications.

To learn more about Briwax, visit our blog:

For more information on Olde Century Colors and Briwax, visit our website:  If you have questions, send us an email:

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