Make Your Own Colors

Don’t let your creativity be hampered by seemingly limited color choices.  Make your own colors!  The color wheel is your friend.  Everything starts with the primary colors – red, yellow and blue – and from there, it is up to your imagination!  Just a few colors of paint can be mixed together to achieve unlimited variations using either the Acrylic Latex or Simulated Milk paints by Olde Century Colors.

Experiment to create just the color you’re looking for.  Mix colors in small batches, keeping track of the ratios, to duplicate the color in a larger quantity.  Always have your sample boards close at hand for your experimentation.

Don’t forget that a darker color can be lightened by adding some white paint.  See, we told you that the possibilities are unlimited.

For more information on Olde Century Colors paints, visit our website:  If you have questions, send us an email:

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