Olde Century Colors + Briwax, a perfect pairing

We’ve been told by many designers and decorators that painted furniture is making a strong come-back!!

Since Olde Century Colors and Briwax go so well together, we made up some sample boards with a variety of paint colors and Dark Brown Briwax.  We think that the results are awesome.  For these samples, we used Olde Century Colors Acrylic Latex paint and Simulated Milk paint on Eastern White Pine and once the paint was cured, we applied Dark Brown Briwax.

Sample #501

2020 Thistle

Sample #500

2027 Lantern Glow

Sample #499

2036 Olde Sage

Sample #498

2003 Cupboard Blue

Sample #497

2001 Cranberry

Sample #496

2030 Buttermilk

Sample #495

3002 Goldenrod Yellow

Sample #494

3008 Saratoga Blue

Sample #493

3011 Hemlock Green

Sample #492

3016 Country Red

Sample #491

3009 Settlers Blue

Sample #490

3000 Olde Parchment

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Visit our website: www.briwax-trg.com for more information about Briwax and Olde Century Colors.

Looking for a retailers in your neighborhood?  Send us an email:  thebriwaxguy@gmail.com.

Buy Olde Century Colors or Briwax

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