Is a Black Front Door For You?

Everything Goes with Black

Everything does go with black, but does a black front door make you a little nervous?  And just when should you paint your door black?

Black can make a front door elegant and dramatic. It works well with any and every other color, making it extremely versatile. It can also toss a challenge your way. If you don’t have enough contrasting colors as a backdrop, black can hide the entry or make it feel too dark — not very good for your home’s curb appeal.

Black door with introduction

Read the full article about selecting black as your front door color via Houzz:–When-to-Paint-Your-Door-Black.

Remember that Olde Century Colors paints are also perfect for exterior use.  We feature a black paint in Acrylic Latex – Lamp Black and also a black paint in Simulated Milk paint – Carriage Black – both are perfect for fabulous front doors.

For more information on Olde Century Colors Paints, visit our website

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