Acrylic Latex Paint

Olde Century Colors paints have been formulated to lead the renaissance of 18th and 19th century architectural interest with unsurpassed quality and color selection.

The Olde Century Colors Acrylic Latex paint is the best technology available in water based paints. Adhesion and film durability are exceptional. This paint provides excellent coverage in one coat, good retention and color performance. The paint flows on easily and dries to a low, soft sheen finish. Quick drying, low odor, non-yellowing and soap and water clean-up. For interior or exterior use.

The Acrylic Latex paints are a pre-mixed formula where all pigments are ground in at the time of manufacture. These paints offer a deeper intensity of color due to this process.

Prior to painting, we recommend that all surfaces be clean, dry and dull.

Available in 2 oz. bottle, Pint, Quart and Gallon sizes.


For more information, visit our website:

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