Paint and Painting Tips

Painted Cabinet 3

Both Olde Century Colors Acrylic Latex paint and the Simulated Milk Paints are soap and water clean-up.

Both paints can be used as a wash by cutting the paint with water.  Additional coats will give more depth of color.

Acrylic Latex paints are quick drying, low odor, and non-yellowing.  The finish is tough and very washable.

Simulated Milk Paints may be intermixed to achieve any color you desire.  White to lighten.  Black to darken.  You’ll be creating your own custom color!

Remember that all surfaces must be clean, dry and dull prior to painting!

Make sure that your paint has cured prior to applying Briwax over the paint.

For more information on Olde Century Colors paints, visit our website:

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