Using Black on Your Walls

Ever think of using black paint on your walls?  Not many people do, but maybe we should.  Let this article from Houzz inspired some more thought on the subject:

Black is the color of the night sky, ebony, caviar and coal. It was one of the first colors ever used in human art. It’s classic, deep, simple and elegant. It is also associated with death, fear, mourning and evil.

But whatever your associations — from witches to fashion — black is a serious color. As Henri Matisse said, “Black is a force.” And using it in decor is a statement unto itself. It’s confident and self-assured. It’s chic and mysterious. But most of all, black is beautiful.

Read the remainder of the article:  Color Guide:  How to Work With Black.

Black on walls

Olde Century Colors has a Lamp Black in Acrylic Latex Paint and Carriable Black in Simulated Milk Colors paints.  Either would be perfect for any room.  If you want to go really, really dark but not quite black, take a look at these colors:  Greenbrier, Olde Navy, Dark Hunter Green, Candleberry Green and Salt Box Blue.

For more information on Olde Century Colors paints, visit our website:

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