How to Make Chalk Paint Using Olde Century Colors Paints


Supplies you’ll need:

1 Can of Olde Century Colors – Acrylic or Simulated Milk Paint – your choice
2 – 1 quart size plastic paint buckets or pails
1 – 1 lb. bag of Olde Century Colors Chalk Powder
Several stir sticks
1 Plastic measuring cup (do NOT use for food)
1 Plastic measuring Tablespoon (do NOT use for food)
Paint Brush


Step 1: Mix two tablespoons of chalk powder with one tablespoon of water in a plastic paint bucket. Stir until the mixture is completely dissolved and smooth.


Step 2: Pour one cup or 8 ounces of Olde Century Colors of paint into another one quart plastic bucket. Add the dissolved chalk powder to the paint and stir until the mixture is completely incorporated into the paint. You are now ready to paint a few test boards.

IMG_5615 IMG_5616


  • Mixing the chalk paint in plastic paint pails/buckets allows for a small quantity of paint without a lot of waste. Do not store chalk paint for reuse. Mix the quantity of paint you think you will use.
  • If you wish to have a more chalky feel in your project, you can add more chalk powder and water mixture up to 1/3 cup of chalk powder and 1/3 cup water to one cup or 8 oz of Olde Century Colors paint. Try this recipe after you have experimented with the original formula. Work your way up to what you are looking for.
  • Once you have determined what works best for you, write down the proportion formula and you are on your way to a successful project.
  • Test boards are highly recommended.
  • Follow all of the precautions on the label of the Olde Century Colors Chalk Powder.


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